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Онлайн покер дом
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На Pokerdom запрещен любой дополнительный софт, дающий нечестное преимущество в игре.

Fast withdrawal of funds

Quick and straightforward access to your funds at any time.

Fair competition

No computer-assisted hints, all players on Pokerdom rely solely on their own skills and strategies!

The prohibition on additional software

The prohibition on the use of additional software on Pokerdom makes it nearly impossible for bots to appear at our tables.

Bot-free game

Pokerdom's security service employs all modern methods for detecting and blocking fraudulent accounts.

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Online Poker at Pokerdom

The Poker room Pokerdom was established in 2014. It is owned by TESHI LIMITED. This modern platform is designed for online poker games between participants from various countries and locations. The software for the poker room is developed and licensed by Connective Games.

Pokerdom follows the concept of ‘Green Poker.’ All participants are equal here: using third-party software, artificial intelligence for in-game hints in poker, or calculating opponent’s actions is not allowed.

Pokerdom Casino has been conducting fair operations and enjoying a good reputation among real-money poker enthusiasts since 2014. The platform has registered over 1.5 million customers, and the number of regular users continues to grow. In the ‘Poker’ section alone, there are a minimum of 5,000-6,000 players online simultaneously, with the number of those interested in playing Omaha or Hold’em increasing by 1.5-3 times in the evenings and on weekends.

Pokerdom Online Casino is an official partner of SPF (Sochi Poker Festival). Therefore, players who regularly place bets and play poker in our poker room participate in loyalty programs and tournaments and have a chance to attend offline poker festivals.

Registration at Pokerdom Poker Room

Creating an account on the Pokerdom portal is easy, and clients have three registration options: by email, phone number, or through social media.

To create an account using an email address:

  1. The visitor fills out a form, providing an email, a promo code if available, and selects the currency for their deposit. Poker can be played in euros, dollars, rubles, Kazakh tenge, Uzbek sum, and Azerbaijani manat.
  2. Sets a password.
  3. Accepts the terms and conditions of the virtual club and confirms they are of legal age.
  4. Optionally, subscribes to email notifications from the portal.
  5. Confirms the registration.

Next, the client opens the email received from Pokerdom.com and clicks on the link within the email to activate their account for playing poker online.

To create an account using a phone number:

  1. The visitor enters their mobile number.
  2. Clicks on the ‘Get Code’ button.
  3. Enters the SMS code into the corresponding field.
  4. Enters a promo code if available.
  5. Chooses the currency for their deposit.
  6. Agrees to the terms and conditions, confirming they are of legal age.
  7. Completes the registration.

In the personal account, clients can set a password.

The easiest way to log in is through social media accounts. Players need to log in to their account:

On the registration page of Pokerdom, click on one of the icons. Then, grant the entertainment portal access to your personal information. Access to the Pokerdom poker room’s personal account will be granted instantly. You won’t need to fill out a profile; the data will be copied from your social media account.

The account is provided for use on Pokerdom’s online casino, poker room, and bookmaker platform. To access the poker room directly, click on the ‘Poker’ tab, wait for the system to load, and enter an additional nickname and password.

Review of the Pokerdom Personal Account and Poker Room

After registering and logging in, clients can select the ‘Poker’ tab.

  • The top block includes sections such as ‘Cashier,’ ‘Help,’ ‘Log Out,’ and ‘Settings.’ In the ‘Settings’ section, you can view your poker game history, select specific participants, and enable protection against internet disruptions.
  • Below, there are advertising blocks for poker promotions and tournaments. Table selection: A table grid is provided with the number and names of the tables, organized by the number of poker players, game type, and stake size.
  • Filters help sort tables by format (ante, boost, jackpot, etc.), currency, and stakes. There is also an option to find tables by poker type, event, or tournament.
  • Below the tables, there are buttons for ‘Join’ and ‘Observe.’ The platform allows players to watch other players’ actions, learn how to play poker, and delve into the nuances without participating themselves.

A large vertical menu on the right is the player’s personal account in the Pokerdom poker room. Here, you can view your bankroll size, access available promotions, tournaments, bonuses, and see the jackpot amounts.

Types of Poker on Pokerdom

PokerDom offers various types of poker, including:

How to Play in the Poker Room

Players can start by playing poker at tables with play money (demo currency). To do this, click on the corresponding button and select a table based on the same criteria used for real-money games. The test version of poker allows for practice, gaining experience, testing new strategies and tactics. Before playing, it’s advisable to read about the different poker types and rules.

Then, you can move on to tables with minimum stakes starting from 0.5–1 ruble. Players can gradually increase the stakes, with cash game limits reaching up to 2,000 rubles. To play poker for real money, a minimum deposit of 500 rubles is required for the first deposit and 700 rubles for subsequent deposits. Popular electronic payment systems in Russia such as VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, and others are available for depositing and withdrawing winnings.

Poker Room Rake Scheme

The rake scheme in Pokerdom varies depending on the chosen discipline, limit, number of players, and the currency selected for the game. In no-limit and pot-limit games, the rake is 0.01 RUB for every 0.2 RUB (maximum 5%). In limit games, it’s 0.01 RUB for every 0.4 RUB (maximum 2.5%, up to 100 rubles).

Bonuses, Promotions, and Poker Tournaments

Poker players are offered a separate poker bonus system, and Pokerdom regularly holds additional seasonal promotions and poker competitions. Currently, the following are available:

  1. Bad Beat Jackpot for Hold’em, 5-Card, and 6-Card Omaha: You can get 30% of the prize pool that grows with each hand by losing with a winning hand (e.g., four eights for Hold’em, four aces for 6-Card Omaha, straight flush for 5-Card Omaha). The winner receives only 20% of the pool.
  2. Windfall in Rubles: This includes classic games for three players, one-on-one tournaments, and Heads Up in Chinese Poker. Players initiate one of the windfalls, and the jackpot size, up to 100 buy-ins, is determined at the beginning. Any lucky player who reaches the final stage takes the entire jackpot!
  3. Satellites to Offline Tournaments: To participate, register in one of the satellites, win, and receive a ticket to an offline tournament in the Sobranie gambling zone. Satellites are held daily.
  4. 7 Million Rubles to Celebrate PokerDom’s Seventh Anniversary: A series of festive events will bring players money, tickets to exclusive tournaments, with a total value of 7 million rubles. Three Lucky Races for sets, full houses, and sevens will award winners with 177,000 rubles each.

Holiday events will run according to a schedule, while other promotions and bonuses at Pokerdom Casino are available on an ongoing basis. You may also be interested in reading about the cryptocurrency bonus.

Program Loyalty ‘100 Steps to a Million’ of the Pokerdom Online Poker Room

Any online poker player who makes a minimum deposit and starts playing for real money automatically enters the race for the loyalty program’s main prize. For every ruble in rake, a poker player receives 1 point. When reaching a certain number of points, the player moves to a new level out of the hundred possible levels. At each new level, there is a chance to receive a reward. Players are presented with three face-down cards to choose from, each hiding a percentage of the claimed amount. For example, at the first level, it’s 100 rubles, at the tenth – 2,100 rubles, and at the hundredth – 1 million RUB.

Lucky players who reach level 100 receive a ticket to the Sochi Poker Festival and a lifetime 25% cashback.

How to Play Online Poker on Pokerdom.com

Pokerdom offers a separate client application for playing online poker. The program includes software for card games and related tournaments.

The mobile poker application is available for smartphone and tablet users with Android operating systems. The Pokerdom client app offers the same functionality as the desktop version.

Advantages of Playing Poker at Pokerdom

The virtual platform has been well-developed since 2014 and continues to grow. The first and most significant advantage over other platforms for Russian players is the focus on the Russian-speaking audience of online poker enthusiasts.

It’s worth noting that Pokerdom is an official partner of the Sochi Poker Festival. Active players have a chance to participate in the main event of 2021 – the ME SPF Autumn!

Among the advantages of the Poker room are:

  • An excellent loyalty program promising big money and regular high cashback of 25%.
  • Many software settings when choosing a game.
  • The ability to play with play money.
  • Regular jackpot tournaments.
  • A ban on the use of robots and game-assistance programs.
  • Low deposit limits (700 rubles).
  • Minimum withdrawal limits (1500 rubles).
  • Two-factor account authentication.
  • A wide selection of tables with different parameters.
  • Efficient technical support.
  • An extensive information section related to poker.
  • Satellites for offline poker tournaments.

Another significant advantage is that professional players rarely appear on the platform. This makes it an excellent space for beginners and poker enthusiasts.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can Holdem Manager be used on Pokerdom?

No, the use of software that collects statistics on players is prohibited on the Pokerdom website.

Does Pokerdom have a group chat?

Yes, a group chat is available on the platform.

Is Pokerdom a casino or a poker room?

Pokerdom is a successful combination of an online casino, a poker room, and a bookmaker’s office. The company successfully develops all three areas, providing customers with a high-quality service.

What is Sunday Chance Pokerdom?

Sunday Chance Pokerdom was a weekly Saturday tournament with a prize pool of 1 million rubles. It was held in 2015.

Can the Pokerdom app be downloaded from the App Store?

Currently, the software for iOS smartphones is not available on the Pokerdom website. However, you can use the multi-platform HTML-5 client.

Are there forums for Pokerdom?

There is no separate resource dedicated to Pokerdom, but many poker forums have threads about the brand, for example, https://forum.pekarstas.com/forum/63-pokerdom/

Where can I watch Pokerdom streams?

On Twitch and YouTube.

What are the VIP levels on Pokerdom?

VIP levels are part of the ‘100 Steps to a Million’ loyalty program.

What is the Pokerdom poker school?

It is an educational resource for beginners.

Is there rakeback on Pokerdom?

Yes, players with a level 100 loyalty can receive it.

Is there a Pokerdom client for PC?

Yes, you can download the official client for PC from the Pokerdom website.

Can I play Pokerdom in a browser?

Yes, playing from the web resource is no different from playing from the application.

I want to watch Pokerdom on Twitch

Video materials are available via the link  https://www.twitch.tv/pokerdom/videos.

Do you have social media accounts?

Yes, we do.

Instagram: Pokerdom



Telegram Channel: Pokerdom