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6+ Hold’em: Features and Rules of the Game

Poker is a dynamic and thrilling game that provides players with an incredible adrenaline rush. The 6+ Hold’em version offers the opportunity to fully showcase your analytical and strategic abilities. This game, also known as Short Deck Poker, differs from classic Hold’em due to its increased dynamism, thanks to the use of a short deck of cards.

Game Rules for 6+ Hold’em

The rules of 6+ Hold’em are largely similar to traditional Texas Hold’em. Players are dealt two hole cards, and five community cards are placed on the table.

Правила и Тайны 6+ Hold'em

Players need to form the best possible combination using their hole cards and the community cards. However, in 6+ Hold’em, the game is played with a 36-card deck, which leads to several key differences.

It’s worth noting that all players contribute an ante of 1 BB (big blind). There is no small blind in 6+ Hold’em. The big blind is posted by the player on the button.


In 6+ Hold’em, you play with a short deck, which means the ranking of cards changes. The main differences from classic Texas Hold’em are as follows:

  1. The deck consists of 36 cards, so the lowest straight is A-6-7-8-9.
  2. A flush is ranked higher than a full house.
  3. A three-of-a-kind (set) is more significant than a straight.

Other than these differences, the combinations are similar:

Poker hands

It’s important to consider that due to the reduced deck, the probability of getting strong combinations is higher in 6+ Hold’em. Additionally, single-suited hands have greater potential than pocket pairs because a flush is ranked higher than a full house in this variant.

Strategies for Playing 6+ Hold’em

Considering the smaller number of playing cards in 6+ Hold’em, probability calculations change. For comparison, in traditional poker, there are 1,326 starting hands, while in 6+ Hold’em, there are only 630.

Here are some tips for playing:

  1. Avoid overplaying top pair or top kicker hands. Draws are completed more frequently in this version of poker, so the mentioned combinations appear weaker here.
  2. If in traditional Hold’em, you might raise with suited A-8 hands, with the short deck, you should narrow your range. Consider raising with at least A-10 since top pairs, two pairs, and straights are not as strong here.
  3. Don’t hesitate to call 3-bets. In 6+ Hold’em, a three-of-a-kind (set) is stronger than a straight, and you have an 18% chance of hitting trips even on the flop.
  4. If you have a good draw combination on the flop, play aggressively. This can either help you win the pot immediately or give you a good chance of improving your hand.

Differences Between 6+ Hold’em and Other Poker Variants

The main difference from other poker variants lies in the altered deck and hand rankings. This changes the dynamics of the game, making it more aggressive and fast-paced. Combinations that are typically rare in Texas Hold’em become more likely in 6+ Hold’em, requiring players to adapt their strategies.

The probability of forming a stronger hand in 6+ Hold’em is higher, resulting in increased variance, so players tend to be more willing to make bets.

Where to Play Online Poker

The “Pokerdom” platform offers the opportunity to play 6+ Hold’em poker online. Here, you can compete with real players from around the world. The poker room offers various tables and tournaments, as well as options for playing against a computer or with a friend.

Limits in 6+ Hold’em Poker and Other Features

On the “Pokerdom” website, you can find tables with various betting limits, allowing you to choose a game that suits your bankroll and experience level. It’s also essential to note that the rules may vary slightly depending on the chosen variation of 6+ Hold’em.

Betting Features in 6+ Hold’em

The betting structure in 6+ Hold’em is similar to other types of poker. The game begins with blinds (small and big bets before card dealing), followed by a round of betting after the initial cards are dealt, and so on. It’s important to keep an eye on the pot size and adjust your betting strategy accordingly.

How to Download the Pokerdom App

To start playing 6+ Hold’em poker on the “Pokerdom” platform, you need to download and install the app. There are three versions of the software available for Android, Windows, and MacOS.

To download the app, visit the official “Pokerdom” website, select the “Poker” section. On this page, you will see three buttons for different operating systems. Choose the one that matches your device and download the file. Then, proceed with the installation process.

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How to Get Started with 6+ Hold’em Poker for Beginners

If you are new to poker, it’s recommended to begin by understanding the rules and the basic strategies of the game. Once you’ve learned the hand combinations, you can register at a poker room. Typically, the process involves several steps:

  1. Find the “Registration” button.
  2. Clicking on it will bring up a form that needs to be filled out.
  3. Usually, you’ll need to provide your email address or phone number, your country of residence, and the preferred currency.
  4. In some cases, you may need to provide your full name. Make sure to use accurate information to avoid issues during verification and fund withdrawals.

After you create your account, try a few free rounds in demo mode. Observe other players’ moves and analyze situations to gradually improve your game.

Poker Training for 6+ Hold’em – for Beginners and Pros

For those who want to take poker seriously, it’s recommended to explore specialized educational resources. Books, online courses, and instructional videos can also be helpful. On the “Pokerdom” platform, there is an educational program that will help you understand the strategies and probabilities of the game.

You can also consider the option of learning from experts in the field, who often maintain blogs and create videos to assist players in advancing their poker skills.