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Chinese Pineapple: Features of a Popular Poker Variation

Chinese Pineapple Poker, also known as Open Face Chinese Poker (OFC), is an exciting variation of classic poker that has become very popular in the gaming community. It attracts both newcomers and experienced players with its challenging yet captivating mechanics.

Let’s explore the rules, strategies, and features of Chinese Pineapple Poker, and find out where to find online platforms for profitable play.

Rules of Chinese Pineapple Poker

This variation of poker significantly differs from the familiar Texas Hold’em and Omaha. However, it shares two similarities with the standard formats: a standard 52-card deck and the hierarchy of hands.

Now, let’s discuss the differences:

  1. Chinese Pineapple Poker is played with two to four players.
  2. Each player has three rows in front of them: the first row contains three cards, and the other two rows contain five cards each.
  3. The objective for the players is to fill all thirteen boxes with cards and try to create the strongest hand possible.

Chinese Pineapple: Features of a Popular Poker Variation

In Chinese Pineapple Poker, it’s essential to follow the hierarchy of hand rankings. The first row of three cards has the weakest hand. If a player makes a set in this row, the subsequent rows must consist of either a set of higher rank, a straight, a flush, and so on. The strongest hand is on the third row. The second row in terms of hand strength falls between the first and third rows.

In this version of poker, there are no blinds. The game is played for points, which players earn based on their hand combinations—the better the combinations, the more points they win.

Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay process unfolds as follows:

  1. Each player is dealt 5 cards face up, and they must arrange them on their playing field in any way they choose.
  2. After the card arrangement, the first move concludes.
  3. Players are then dealt 3 more cards face down. Two of these cards are added to the rows, and one card is discarded.
  4. Once all players have made their moves, opponents reveal their cards.
  5. This process repeats three times.

If a player fails to maintain the hierarchy of hand rankings, they lose the hand to any of their opponents. This is referred to as a “dead hand.”

Hand Rankings

Just like in traditional Texas Hold’em, hand rankings are observed, ranging from high card to royal flush. An important requirement is that each subsequent row’s hand must be stronger than the previous one.

Poker hands

If a player manages to create strong combinations, they are awarded additional points as follows:

  • On the first row, achieving a straight grants +2 points, a flush awards +4 points, a full house gives +6, four of a kind adds +10, a straight flush grants +15, and a royal flush awards +25 points.
  • On the middle row, points are awarded based on the following principles: a set (three of a kind) earns +2 points, a straight adds +4 points, a flush grants +8, four of a kind adds +16, and a straight flush awards +32 points.
  • On the top row of three cards, a pair of sixes earns +1 point, a pair of sevens awards +2 points, two eights grant +3 points, and so on. For a pair of aces, a player receives 9 points. Sets (three of a kind) also depend on the rank of the cards: three twos award +10 points, three threes add 11 points, and for three aces, a player earns 22 points.

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To earn bonus points, players need to keep their hand “live,” meaning they must maintain the hierarchy of combinations on all three rows. Bonuses are awarded regardless of the winner and can be awarded to multiple players simultaneously.

Game Strategy in Chinese Poker

To succeed in Chinese Poker, you need a systematic and comprehensive analysis of both your own cards and your opponents’ hands. A key element is the ability to apply principles of probability theory to assess the potential advantage of creating combinations.

Here are some strategic tips for arranging your hands:

  1. Create challenges for opponents early in the game. During the first deal, you can aim to create a pair in the top row. This complicates things for your opponents, as they will need to build stronger hands.
  2. If you are building a set (three of a kind) early in the game, avoid placing a three-of-a-kind in the top row. This is risky because it will force you to build at least a straight in the middle row, which can be challenging to calculate in the early stages.
  3. In the late game, focus on increasing the strength of your combinations, ensuring that they earn more points than your opponents’ hands.

Differences from Other Poker Variants

Chinese Poker significantly differs from all other forms of poker. Firstly, you need to assemble 13 of the most favorable cards to create a profitable combination. Additionally, you must distribute these cards without knowing what cards will be dealt later.

Instead of the traditional blinds and raises, players earn points for successful combinations. In Chinese Poker, there is no decision regarding which starting hands to play or fold. Each player participates independently, and all players are involved in every hand.

Where to Play Chinese Poker Online

Due to its complexity and radical departure from classic poker, Chinese Poker is available on only a few poker platforms.

“Pokerdom” is one of the few platforms where you can play Chinese Poker. Regular tournaments are held here, and cash games are available at various stakes. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced poker players.

On the website, you can play with live opponents, invite friends, or play against computer opponents.

How to Download the “Pokerdom” App

To start playing “Chinese Poker” on the “Pokerdom” platform, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official “Pokerdom” website.
  2. Register an account following the instructions on the website.
  3. Download and install the gaming application on your device. Three versions of the software are available: for Android, Windows, and MacOS.
  4. Log in to your account and select the “Chinese Poker” version of the game.

Getting Started for Beginners

If you are new to “Chinese Poker,” it’s essential to understand a few key points:

  1. Comprehend hand combinations: Before starting the game, familiarize yourself with classic poker hand combinations. This will help you better understand how to form your own hands.
  2. Placement strategy: Placing stronger combinations in the top row and weaker ones in the bottom row will help you maximize your point potential.
  3. Study probability theory: Develop the ability to estimate the probability of certain cards appearing based on the cards already on the board and in your hand.


For successful play, it is crucial for newcomers to explore resources dedicated to the rules and basic strategies of Chinese Poker. These resources can include specialized websites and video tutorials. “Pokerdom” offers free training for novice players.

Experienced players can deepen their knowledge by studying more advanced strategies, analyzing game situations, and adapting to opponents’ playing styles. Participating in online forums and discussions with experienced players can also enrich your gaming experience.

“Chinese Poker” is more than just poker; it involves strategy, constant analysis, and intrigue. The combination of classic poker rules with innovative mechanics makes this game version unforgettable and captivating for players of all skill levels.