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Poker HORSE: Rules, Combinations, Strategy

HORSE is one of the most interesting and engaging card games. It’s notable for combining five different poker disciplines in one game, requiring participants to be familiar with the rules of several types of poker and employ more complex strategies.

Game Rules

The first thing to know is that playing HORSE involves a strict rotation of poker variants. This rotation is regulated by the order of the letters in the discipline’s name:

H – Limit Hold’em;
O – Limit Omaha Eight or Better;
R – Limit Razz;
S – Limit Stud;
E – Limit Stud Eight or Better.

The second thing to remember is that the rotation of poker variants happens based on time, not the number of hands played. When the allocated time for one of the disciplines is up, participants finish that game and move on to the next.

The individual hands in HORSE are played according to the rules of each poker variant. The specifics of each are discussed below.

Texas Hold’em

In Texas Hold’em, two players post blinds, and then each player receives two hole cards, followed by a betting round where players can compare bets, raise, or fold.

Next, three community cards are placed face-up on the table, initiating another betting round. The same rules apply as in the previous round, with players having the option to check, bet, raise, or fold.Following this, two more community cards are revealed one at a time, each followed by a betting round. Players use these community cards, along with their two hole cards, to create the best possible five-card hand.

The player with the highest-ranking hand wins the pot. The hand rankings in Texas Hold’em are presented in the table below.

Poker hand rankings

Omaha Hi-Lo

This discipline has many similarities with Hold’em. Participants contribute blinds, go through four rounds of betting, and use community cards to form combinations. However, Omaha has some distinctive features:

  1. At the start, players receive 4 hole cards.
  2. Players must form two combinations—high and low. The high hand consists of the highest-ranking cards, while the low hand consists of the lowest-ranking cards. When forming the low hand, players cannot use cards higher than eights in rank. Aces are allowed in low hands because they are considered as ones.
  3. When forming each combination, players must use any two of their hole cards. Unlike Hold’em, you cannot create a hand entirely from the community cards.

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The uniqueness of the Razz discipline lies in the absence of community cards that are laid out on the table. When forming a combination in Razz poker, players only use their hole cards (seven cards in total). These cards are dealt in stages, with three of them not visible to opponents.

In Razz poker, there are no blinds; instead, all participants contribute antes, which form the starting pot. Then the main game begins. At its conclusion, the pot goes to the player who has the lowest poker hand.


Stud poker is similar to Razz. When forming combinations, players only use their hole cards, and there are no community cards in this discipline. At the start, players contribute antes instead of blinds. The winner is the player with the best high hand, the highest-ranking combination.

Stud Hi-Lo

This discipline combines elements of classic Stud and Razz. This means there are no community cards and blinds; instead, there are antes and hole cards, and players need to create both high and low hands during the game. In the final stage, the pot is split between two players—the one with the best high hand and the one with the best low hand.

Game Strategy

To succeed in HORSE, you need to know the rules of all disciplines. If you play weakly in one or more types of poker, it will be challenging to profit due to the need to make mandatory bets.

General strategy recommendations:

1. Play aggressively in poker variants where opponents are not very skilled and make mistakes.
2. Adopt a tight style when facing stronger opponents. It’s also recommended to take the maximum amount of time to make decisions. This allows you to play fewer hands in poker types where you are not very effective.
3. Take notes on your opponents. This helps in making more informed decisions.
4. Use starting hand charts. They make it easier to select effective hand ranges.
5. Don’t forget to perform mathematical calculations. Always assess pot odds, calculate outs, and pot odds.

Where to Play HORSE Online

Poker HORSE is not considered one of the most common card games, so you can only find it in major online poker rooms. They offer advanced software for playing with various options and features.

Additional advantages of online poker rooms:

  • Bonuses for new and regular players.
  • Rakeback payouts.
  • Daily freerolls—free tournaments with cash guarantees.
  • Leaderboards with prize pools.
  • Support for other types of poker.

The game in these rooms is against real opponents, and you can find them at various limits. Additionally, you can choose free tables where bets are made with play chips.

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Limits and Other Features

When playing HORSE, there are limits on the size of bets. They depend on the chosen table. Each table has a minimum and maximum bet size. These limits determine the upper and lower limits for regular bets and raises.

Downloading the Application

To play HORSE, you’ll need an application. You can download it for free from the official website of the poker room. Here are the steps to do it.

The following steps are based on “Pokerdom”:

  1. Open the main page of the poker room.
  2. Select the “Poker” section.
  3. Click on the “Download for PC” button.
  4. Wait for the software to start downloading.
  5. Find the software on your computer and run it.
  6. Choose the language for the interface in the application window and confirm the installation.

How to Get Started for Beginners

Poker rooms accept customers from various countries, but each player needs to register before playing. Registration involves filling out a small form with standard information.

Here’s how to register on Pokerdom:

  1. Open the poker room’s website or launch the application.
  2. Click on the “Registration” button.
  3. Provide your email address.
  4. Create a password of 6 characters or more.
  5. Choose your country of residence and account currency.
  6. Enter a promo code if you have one (optional).
  7. Click on the “Create Account” button.

After submitting the form, the system will authorize you under the created account. You will have access to all the HORSE tables and tournaments, as well as other supported poker disciplines. Now, you just need to decide on the game format. You can choose the free mode right away. To play for real money, you’ll first need to deposit funds. To do this, in the application’s lobby, click on the “Deposit” button and make a deposit for the desired amount. Afterward, you can start playing for real money.

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HORSE is one of those games that requires a thorough approach. There’s no point in sitting down at the table without mastering all five disciplines and basic strategies. So, it’s essential to allocate time for learning.

For Beginners

Those who are just getting acquainted with the world of poker can take free courses at one of the online schools, such as PokerHouse. During the training, you will be able to delve into the rules of the disciplines, tactical techniques, the basics of poker mathematics, and get ready-made hand charts.

For Experienced Players

Experienced players are recommended to enroll in an advanced training course. During this course, you can master advanced strategies and tactical techniques, improve your game level, and understand how to exploit opponents. It’s also recommended to read books and watch VODs.