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Удивительные известия – начало Праздника в Российской Онлайн Покерной Лиге!
Удивительные известия – начало Праздника в Российской Онлайн Покерной Лиге!

The start of the Holiday in the Russian Online Poker League – amazing news!

Gipsyteam and Pokerdom continue their fruitful collaboration, presenting the new season of ROPL! We know you’ve missed the team tournaments from Pokerdom and Gipsyteam,…

Gipsyteam and Pokerdom continue their fruitful collaboration, presenting the new season of ROPL!

We know you’ve missed the team tournaments from Pokerdom and Gipsyteam, and we’re excited to announce our new event! We’re thrilled to introduce our new joint series ROPL, which will take place during our ninth-anniversary celebration! Get ready for even more massive tournaments, grand guarantees, and leaderboards this time around. The total prize pool for this incredible series is 45,000,000 rubles!

The prize hunt will begin on August 18 and run until September 3. You have time to prepare, gather your team, or join an existing one. If you’re looking for partners, check out the Gipsyteam forum. Interestingly, among Gipsyteam teams, 1,000,000 rubles will be distributed, enough motivation for collaboration! You can track the results on the forum.

And if you decide to embark on this exciting adventure alone, don’t worry! We promise you an exhilarating journey. Two leaderboards await us, based on your success in the series. The first leaderboard tracks the number of knockouts, and the top 50 players will share a portion of the huge prize pool of 1,000,000 rubles. The second leaderboard evaluates the points earned for prize places in tournaments. Here, 25 winners will be awarded their share of 1,000,000 rubles each!

Are you ready to dive into the festive world of ROPL? Then it’s time to clear your calendar!

DateTournamentFormat (MAX)Time (MSK)Buy-in, Guarantee,
18.08Opening Tournament “The Celebration Begins!”619:009001,000,000
18.08Omaha Progressive Knockout620:002,500350,000
18.08Hold’em Deepstack821:003,000600,000
19.08Pineapple Superstack319:001,500250,000
19.08Phoenix Megastack820:001,0001,000,000
19.08Super Progressive Knockout821:005,000750,000
20.08Hold’em Rebuy619:001,000</span >600,000
20.08Phoenix Incineration621:002,5001,000,000
21.08Pineapple Progressive Knockout (progressive bounty)219:001,500250,000
21.08Six-Card Omaha620:001,500250,000
21.08Hold’em Super Knockout621:003,500700,000
22.08Progressive Knockout820:001,500300,000
22.08Triple Chance Hold’em621:003,000500,000
23.085-Card Omaha Super Knockout520:001,500250,000
23.08Faceless Knockout821:003,000400,000
24.08Short Deck Texas Hold’em619:001,500250,000
24.08Super Stack Hold’em820:005,000750,000
24.08Super Progressive Knockout821:003,000700,000
25.08Anonymous Hold’em819:001,500400,000
25.08Super Stack Omaha621:002,500400,000
26.08Pineapple Phoenix320:001,000350,000
26.08Evening Progressive Knockout821:0010,0001,000,000
27.08Phoenix Megastack819:001,0001,000,000
27.08Super Highroller820:0090,0002,000,000
27.08Super Progressive Knockout821:009,0001,500,000
28.08Omaha Hi/Lo Deepstack619:001,000200,000
28.08Progressive Knockout821:003,500750,000
29.08Anonymous Boost619:001,500300,000
29.08Phoenix Pineapple (Prog. Fantasy)320:001,000350,000
29.08Dark Phoenix621:001,500300,000
30.08Seven-Card Omaha619:001,000350,000
30.085-Max Rebuy520:001,000250,000
30.08Hold’em Super Knockout821:003,500700,000
31.08Pineapple Super Knockout219:001,500250,000
31.08Hold’em Deepstack +820:002,500500,000
31.08Hold’em Knockout621:003,500500,000
01.09Progressive Pineapple319:005,000500,000
01.09Five-Card Omaha520:005,000500,000
01.09Ultra Hold’em821:005,000500,000
02.09Main Tournament ROPL – 9 Years of Pokerdom [Day 1]819:005,000
02.09Phoenix Incineration621:002,5001,000,000
03.09Main Tournament ROPL – 9 Years of Pokerdom [Final]519:005,0009,000,000
03.09Hold’em Highroller820:009,9992,500,000
03.09Hold’em “Final Party”621:00900500,000

Tournament Tasks for Free Participation

Now you have the opportunity to participate in our tournaments for free! Simply play regularly at your favorite tables with different limits and collect winning combinations. Below you will find a list of tasks to complete in order to receive tickets to coveted events. Soon they will become available in the game lobby.

Task 1: Eight of a Kind

Collect the “Eight of a Kind” combination at Hold’em tables (any limits)

Ticket to [Daily Satellite] ROPL-01 Opening Tournament “The Celebration Begins!” worth 1,000,000 rublesFrom August 7 to 17
Task 2: Aces Full House

Collect the “Aces Full House” combination at Hold’em tables (all limits)

Prize: Ticket to [Step Satellite] ROPL Main Tournament – 9 years of Pokerdom [Day 1] worth 9,000,000 rublesFrom July 17 to August 27
Task 3: Sixes Four of a Kind

Collect the “Sixes Four of a Kind” combination at Hold’em tables (limits from 5/10 rubles)

Prize: Ticket to [Step Satellite] ROPL-29 Super High Roller worth 2,000,000 rublesFrom August 6 to 26
Task 4: Sevens Four of a Kind

Collect the “Sevens Four of a Kind” combination at Hold’em tables (limits from 2.5/5 rubles)

Prize: Ticket to [Step Satellite] ROPL-48 Hold’em High Roller worth 2,500,000 rublesFrom August 14 to September 2

Now you have a chance to win tickets to exciting poker events absolutely free! Don’t miss your chance and start playing today.

Tournament Leaderboard “Knockout”

Participate in the exciting “Knockout” tournament leaderboard and get a chance to win big prizes, as well as compete for the title of the best player in the battle for knockout rewards. In this tournament, in addition to regular prize places, you will receive additional bonuses for each knockout of your opponents.

PlacePrize, ₽
6 – 730,000
8 – 1020,000
11 – 1515,000
16 – 2510,000
26 – 505,000

Join the “Knockout” tournaments, collect knockouts, and compete for prizes and the glory of the best fighter! 1 point is awarded on the leaderboard for each opponent knocked out.

Personal Rating

PlacePrize, ₽
6 – 745,000
8 – 1030,000
11 – 1520,000
16 – 2510,000

Rating Points Calculation

To determine tournament points, coefficients will be used: x1 for all tournaments except the Main Tournament (x2) and High Roller Tournaments (x1.5).

Points Allocation

3653653 – 450
4504505 – 830
5405409 – 1615
635630Other Prize Winners10
7257 – 820
8209 – 1815
9 – 1615Other Prize Winners10
Other Prize Winners10

Additional Terms:

The “ROPL – 9 years of Pokerdom” promotion will run from August 18 to September 3.

Winners of satellites will be automatically registered for the corresponding tournament they qualified for. Registration cancellation is not available. Additional tickets may be used for re-entry into the tournament only. Tickets that have not been used for satellites after the promotion ends will be voided.

A maximum of one ticket may be exchanged for tournament money for the target event if re-entry is not required (tickets for tournaments with rebuy-entry are not subject to exchange). Ticket exchange will occur after the end of the series.

All target events of the series, not just knockout tournaments, will be included in the knockout leaderboard.

The team leaderboard can be tracked on the Gipsyteam forum, while individual and knockout ratings can be found in the game client under “Cashier > Promotions.”

In case of issues affecting the operation of the game client during the tournament, the tournament will be paused. If the game client is not restored within an hour, the tournament will resume the next day at the same time (for example, if the tournament started at 20:00, it will resume the next day at 20:00).

Terms of the promotion may be changed or supplemented at any time.