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На Покердом уже запущены серия игр GCOOP и прочие турниры

A series of GCOOP games and other tournaments have already been launched at Pokerdom

At the request of our poker players, we have resumed the GCOOP series after a short break. Check out the incredible schedule for your…

At the request of our poker players, we have resumed the GCOOP series after a short break. Check out the incredible schedule for your favorite tournament and join the grand event of the ending 2021 year.

From December 1st to January 16th, the Pokerdom poker room will host over 300 tournaments and additional events, with over 70 million rubles at stake. Interested in our events? Then check out the selection of top events for December-January.

Freeroll Marathon

The freeroll marathon started on December 1st, 2021. The club will host 700 tournaments with a prize of 1000 rubles. Events will be displayed in the lobby every 60 minutes. Don’t miss your chance to win a small prize!

GCOOP Series

Freerolls from Pokerdom are a warm-up before the main battle for impressive prizes, as the GCOOP tournament series kicks off on December 17th. It will be hot even in winter!

The gambling establishment has taken care of all poker players by dividing the tournament into the First and Highest Leagues. The events differ in entry fee and prize pool size. Entry to the coolest events is possible through satellites, which will be visible in the lobby starting from December 1st.

Did you really think we would limit ourselves to just a tournament series? Of course not! Impressive prizes of 1 million and 500 thousand rubles await those who make it to the TOP of the GCOOP leaderboards. You can familiarize yourself with the accrued points, occupied places, and expected prizes in the table below.

Prizes for places in the Highest and First Leagues

PlaceHighest League, thousand rublesFirst League, thousand rubles

Points Allocation

Place8-maxPlace6-max; 5-maxPlaceHeads-up; 4-max
635630Remaining winners10
9-1615Remaining winners10
Other winners10

How are points calculated according to the table?

When calculating tournament points for all tournaments except the Main Tournament and High Roller Tournaments, a multiplier of x1 is used. In the Main Tournament, the coefficient is x2, and in the High Rollers competition, it is x1.5.
The most active participants of the GCOOP races will receive additional prizes. In the Premier and First Leagues, 5 iPhone 13 Pro Max (1TB) are being raffled. You can win a valuable gift in a lottery, for which poker players receive a ticket for every 10 entries into series tournaments, including re-entries. This rule applies to each league. There is no limit on the number of tickets per person. Every player can participate in the lottery of the First and Premier Leagues. The more actively a player participates in tournaments, the more chances they have to win.

Rake Race for Pineapple, Omaha, Hold’em

But that’s not all the surprises that Pokerdom has prepared! Within the poker championship, there will be 3 rake races for Pineapple, Omaha, and Hold’em with a budget of 3 million rubles. For every ruble of rake generated by you, 1 point is credited.

Hold’em players are the first to start. The event with a prize pool of 1.5 million rubles will take place from December 24 to January 2. Poker players can participate in 4 leagues, each of which will determine 25 leaders.

Prize pool of the rake race (Hold’em)

LeagueStakes, rublesPrize pool, thousand rublesPrize for 1st place, thousand rubles
A50/100 rubles and above800256

On December 31, the race will be held for Chinese poker enthusiasts. The prize pool of the event is 3 million rubles. Try to earn as many points as possible by January 9, as only 15 players with the most points will qualify for payouts.

Prize pool of the rake race (Pineapple)

LeagueStakes, rublesPrize pool, thousand rublesPrize for 1st place, thousand rubles
A100 and above14043
Dup to 3308

Pokerdom also takes care of rewarding Omaha fans. For them, there is already 1.2 million rubles accumulated. It remains to do a little: place bets in Omaha, occupy one of the TOP-25 positions, and get your share of the prize pool. The rake race will take place from January 7 to 16.

Prize pool of the rake race (Omaha)

LeagueStakes, rublesPrize pool, thousand rublesPrize for 1st place, thousand rubles
A50/100 rubles and above650208

Cash Drop

Cash Drop from December 16 to January 17 is another giveaway from Pokerdom! The size of the prize is determined by the table at which you are at the time of receipt. All player categories in Omaha (Standard, Hi/Lo, 5-Card, and 6-Card games) and Hold’em are divided into 4 Leagues based on table limits.

Prize pool of the cash drop (Omaha, Hold’em)

LeagueOmaha and Hold’em Limits, rublesPrize pool, thousand rubles
A50/100 rubles and above1200

For example, in League B, 600,000 rubles will be played out from December 17 to January 16. Real money from the cash drop fund can be received in installments (30 times by 20,000 rubles each). The prize is played among active poker players playing at tables with limits of 15/30-25/50 rubles. Those who are not in the sit-out at the time of the drawing may not expect to receive a prize. The prize is distributed among all participants on a 1 player — 1 prize basis. The number of active sessions does not affect the distribution.

Gifts for Hold’em Cash Tables by December 31

New Year without gifts? Not at Pokerdom. The poker room actively distributes gifts in honor of the holiday, but you need to look for them not under the Christmas tree, but at the Hold’em cash tables! Limits do not matter, the only thing is to be in the sit-out.

Catch these New Year’s gifts:

  • Tickets to holiday events of the GCOOP series;
  • Apple Watch 7;
  • AirPods Pro;
  • iPhone 13.

The draw time is not disclosed. Winners will be chosen randomly. Be sure to make time for poker on New Year’s Eve, and you surely won’t be left without a gift!

Additional Terms of GCOOP Series Tournaments

The GCOOP tournament series “I’ll Be Back” kicks off on December 1, 2021. The tournaments will conclude on January 16, 2022. Winners’ registration from satellites occurs automatically in the tournaments they qualified for. Registration cancellation is not possible. Subsequent tickets can be used for re-entry into tournaments. If you do not use the tickets in time, they will expire.

When there is no need for re-entry, only one ticket exchange for tournament money can be made after the end of the promotion.

Tournament Features

Tournament DurationDecember 1 – January 16
Delivery of Cup WinnersWelcome and Main Tournament winners, Omaha High Roller, Progressive High Roller, High Roller Tournament, and leaderboard prize places
Lottery Participation
  • unlimited number of tickets;
  • 1 ticket for every 10 entries.
Time and Place of Apple Gift Lottery Drawing
  • January 18 on the random.org website (winner determined randomly);
  • results will be displayed on random.org and the Pokerdom website.
Apple Gift Delivery Features
  • to the door at Pokerdom’s expense;
  • equivalent exchange for a client’s account opened in the Club is possible.
Rake Race Duration
  • Holdem: from December 24, 2021 (starting at 00:00 MSK) to January 2, 2022 (ending at 23:59 MSK);
  • Omaha: from January 7, 2022 (starting at 00:00 MSK) to January 16, 2022 (ending at 23:59 MSK);
  • Chinese Poker (Pineapple): from December 31, 2021 (starting at 00:00 MSK) to January 9, 2022 (ending at 23:59 MSK).
Rake Race Cash TablesOmaha, including Hi/Lo, 5-card and 6-card, Holdem, Pineapple
Rake Exchange for Points1 ruble of rake = 1 point


Players in sitout do not participate in the cash drop draw and bonuses for Holdem cash tables on December 31.

In case of participants having the same number of points in the tournament, the place is taken by the poker player who finished the game later. Players may be restricted from participating in satellites if they have already qualified for any tournament in the series.

Club Recommendation! A few minutes before the start and end of the rake race, temporarily close gaming sessions for accurate point counting. Remember, points earned before the event start will not be credited to the overall tally.

What happens if technical glitches occur during the tournament? The event will be temporarily suspended. Inability to resolve the glitches within 1 hour will result in the tournament continuing the next day. For example, if the tournament starts at 20:00 MSK, it will resume at the same time the following day.

Important! The leaderboard can be tracked in the gaming client by going to the “Cashier” – “Promotions” section. It should be noted that the casino reserves the right to change or supplement the conditions of the promotion.