Changes in the Windfall Tournament schedule

Dear players! We inform you that from October 10, NLH WINDFALL up to 250 USD ($0.25 buy in) tournament will be excluded from the list of available Windfall tournaments, and a new Windfall with $0.50 buy in will be added instead.

In addition, a large update of the Pokerdom client will be released during November, in which a special general Jackpot will be added for all fans of Windfall tournaments!

Unpopular types of Windfalls will be excluded from the lobby, including all Windfall tournaments with top multipliers greater than x100.

Changes will not affect the following tournaments:                    

  • NLH Pokerdom Anniversary All-In up to 1 100 000 RUB (333 RUB buy in)
  • NLH WINDFALL up to 250 000 USD ($5.00 buy in)
  • Kamikadze Windfall

These tournaments will remain in the lobby either before the top multiplier is played, or until January 1, 2018 (depending on which of these events comes first).

During November several new types of Windfall tournaments with different buy ins will be added to the lobby. Also, in the upcoming months, it is planned to add absolutely new varieties of Windfall with a different number of rivals.

Please, consider this information when planning the game on Pokerdom.