All tournaments change over from RUB to USD

Dear players, please be advised that from February 19, all PokerDom tournament buy-ins (MTT, S'N'G and Windfall) will be converted into USD. The entire tournament grid remains unaffected. The changes are expected to increase the number of players.

If your account currency is RUB, when you register for a tournament there will be an automatic conversion from RUB on your account into USD at the exchange rate of the site. If you get a paid place, your winnings will be converted into RUB at the same rate as when you entered the tournament, so you will not incur any losses due to the exchange rate difference.

Please be advised that you will not be able to use RUB tournament money earned before the tournament currency conversion into USD. For this reason PokerDom will exchange all tournament money into RUB cash at the rate of 1:1. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

If you have questions, please contact our support team. You can see more detailed information on this link.