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High Hand Bonus

New promotion from – High Hand Bonus!

New promotion from, High Hand Bonus will be very attractive for all cash games enthusiasts with a chance of winning additional cash prizes easily.

Everydau will be drawn prize pool of 9 000 rubles. Owners of best 10 combinations, which will be collected from 09:00 till 17:00 (MSK) will get bonuses, in terms of a final pace in bonus table.

In drawing are participating next tables of Texas Hold'em:




4 / 8 and more


0,10 / 0,20 and more


0,10 / 0,20 and more

Private tables and heads up tables don't participate in promotion

In distribution must participate at least 3 active players. This means that at least 3 players must be dealt cards.

In rating table will appear combinations from full house and up. In case of similar combinations (four of a kind), will be counted kickers. If several players collect one and the same combination, the lastest one will get higher position in rating.


1-st place- 5♥,6♥,7♥,8♥,9♥,10♥ – straigh flush (collected at 16:30)
2-nd place – 5♣,6♣,7♣,8♣,9♣,10♣– straight flush (collected at 15:00)
3-rd place – А♥,А♦,А♣,А♠, J♠ – four of a kind aces with jack kicker
4-th place – 9♥,9♦,9♣,9♠, Q♣ – four of a kind nines with queen kicker

For participation in this promotion it is enough to play at and lead your combination to showdown and river. Despite the fact, player wins or losses with this combintion, he will automatically paricipate in drawing. In main combination of player must participate both pocket cards of player. For four of a kind combination pocket cards must be pair.

Example 1

Board Cards

Players' Cards

A♥, A♦, 3♣, J♠, K♣

A♠, A♣

In this case player gets to High Hand table with combination four of a kind aces and king kicker

Example 2

Board Cards

Players' Cards

A♥, A♦, A♣, J♠, 10♣

A♠, K♣

Despite the players has combination of four of a kind aces, he won't get to High Hand table, as only one of his pocket cards participates in main combination.

If several players collect one and the same combination, the highest rank in table will get the latest one.

Distribution of prize pool:

Place in table


1 place

2 000 RUB

2 place

1 500RUB

3 place

1 200 RUB

4 place

1 000 RUB

5 place

800 RUB

6 place

700 RUB

7 place

600 RUB

8 place

500 RUB

9 place

400 RUB

10 place

300 RUB

You can find the table in following link: Таблица High Hand Bonus

Promotion in active from 1st to 30th of November.

In case of any questions, contact us