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300 000 reasons to play S’n’G at

New Year time at starts already in December and for S’n’G lovers we prepared a special race as gift! The prize amount is quite impressive – 300 000 RUB! Good plus to your winning, is not it?

Every week, ten winners, who will get the first places in ranking table – will share the amount of 42 200 RUB. To win in race, you must get as much as possible first places in S’n’G tournament or play a large number of them.

Place in rating

Prize Fund

1st place

10 000 RUB

2nd place

8 000 RUB

3rd place

6 500 RUB

4th place

5 000 RUB

5th place

4 000 RUB

6th place

3 000 RUB

7th place

2 000 RUB

8th place

1 500 RUB

9th place

1 200 RUB

10th place

1 000 RUB

Promotion will start in December 1 at 00:00 UTC (+3 Moscow time) and lasts till January 18 inclusive, 00:00 UTC (+3 Moscow time). Prizes will be deposited at the end of each week at 00:00 UTC (+3 Moscow time)

The formula for calculating the awarded points:

LBP = ([Total contribution] / [Place]) / 10

[Total Contribution] – the amount of buy-ins, rebuys and add ons, if they exist (without Fee)
[Place] – players place in tournament


S’n’G tournament, max 10:
- Buy-in: 11 (10+1)
- No rebuys / add ons / bounties

Player got 2nd place. In this case his number of points will be:
LBP = 100/2/10 = 5

Other conditions:

- In promotion are participating S’n’G tables from 9 max and above

- DoN S’n’G tables and SNG Single Bounty Knockout tournaments are not participating in promotion.

- If tournament was cancelled, LBP points will not be awarded

Current results are regularly updated. You can see them on following link.

Ranking table

Wish you good luck!