Money transfer between players

If for some reason you can not make a deposit to your Pokerdom account, on our project it is possible to receive money to your account by transferring them from another game account, e.g. from the one of your friend. This option is accessible by all verified accounts at Pokerdom. An account is considered to be verified if:

1. Email address for account login is verified.

2. Identity documents of the account owner are verified.

3. Ownership of payment systems accounts used for transactions in the poker room is confirmed.

Account Verification is a fast and secure process that in most cases is needed only once. If you still have not verified your account, but you want to use money transfers between players, you can independently contact Pokerdom support and we will gladly assist you.

The minimum transfer amount between players is $5, or 350 RUB. The maximum transfer amount per month depends on the sender and recipient VIP-level. Below are the limits for VIP users to send and receive money. For example, Crystal membership player can send up to $ 200. As well he can receive the same amount of $ 200.

Limits on transfers for VIP-level

  • Crystal - $200 during 30 days
  • Pearls - $250 during 30 days
  • Topaz - $300 during 30 days
  • Alexandrite - $400 during 30 days
  • Emerald - $500 during 30 days
  • Rubin - $1,500 during 30 days
  • Sapphire - $5,000 during 30 days
  • Diamond - $10,000 during 30 days

Money transfer between players is meant for gaming purposes, so a number of additional conditions apply

1. Sender and recipient accounts must be verified.
2. To withdraw funds received by transfer, the recipient has to win back 10% of rake of the amount transferred.
3. Transfers are not considered as deposits and they can not be used to activate the first deposit bonus or any other bonus.
4. Each transfer is reviewed by Pokerdom security, that can take up to 24 hours.
5. Security service has the right to decline a transfer without explanation.
6. To make a transfer, the sender does not have to earn any rake from the last deposit. However, all transfers, previously received by him, must be won back at the rate of 10% rake of the transfer amount.
7. For accounts that have no history of deposits and withdrawals, the maximum transfer amount is $100.
8. If the translation is made from account A to account B and account different currencies, then in the opposite direction, from account B to account A, the translation is not possible before the expiry of 24 hours.
9. Currency of the sender and the recipient accounts may not match. In case of different currencies of the sender and recipient accounts, the fund transfer will be converted at the rate specified on Pokerdom site.

To make a transfer, go to the poker room website in the "Cash" section.