Deals in Windfall tournaments

Starting from November 9, players can make deals in all Pokerdom Windfall tournaments! This option has been available in regular poker room tournaments for a long time and is very popular among the players. The principle of prize pool distribution is the same, there are two options:

1. Equal - the prize pool is divided equally among all players, regardless of their stack.

2. Independent Chip Model (ICM) – in case the ICM is applied, a computer calculates a probability for each stack holder to take every possible position, which allows to determine the real value of chips for each player and to calculate fair payments.

To make a deal, all the players at the table must check a corresponding selector (see the picture). After all players decide to make a deal, a chip leader can choose the deal terms in a pop-up window by clicking on the option title. Please note that after the deal has been accepted by all players, its terms cannot be amended and the tournament will be finished without play out. The table chip leader will be a winner.

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