New Windfall tournaments for 3,000 RUB

New PokerDom Windfall tournaments with a buy-in of 3,000 RUB can be found in the lobby! A distinctive feature of such tournaments is that there is no huge super prize, but the probability to compete for a large prize fund is much higher than in other Windfall tournaments.

 The maximum multiplier for 3,000 RUB is x100, and it will fall 200 times over every 100,000 games, while in other tournaments x100 multiplier occurs far less frequently.

 The x100 multiplier is followed by an x20 multiplier that occurs 1,500 times for every 100,000 games, which is also significantly higher than in other Windfalls on PokerDom. These tournaments are well suited for high-stakes players who want to play large prize pools on a frequent basis.



Possible prize fund




3000 RUB

300,000 RUB


200 over 100,000 games (0,2%)

1 place 75%

2 place 15%

3 place 10%

60,000 RUB


1,500 over 100,000 games (1,5%)

Winner take all

12,000 RUB


19,200 over 100,000 games (19,2%)

Winner take all

6,000 RUB


79,100 over 100,000 games (79,1%)

Winner take all








Windfall is a superfast three-player tournament where the prize pool is determined randomly before the tournament start and may range from 2 to 50,000 buy-ins!