Progressive Knockout Bounty Tournaments

We are pleased to introduce a new tournament type on PokerDom!

Progressive Knockout Bounty Tournament is a special edition of conventional knockout bounty tournaments. By eliminating other players you increase your own elimination bounty. Therefore, other tournament players also increase their knockout bounty and knocking them out brings you more benefit.

In such PokerDom tournaments bounty for a player knockout is always divided as follows:

 1. You get 50% of the bounty when you knock out a player.

 2. 50% of the bounty goes to the prize fund for your knockout.

For example, the bounty set for knocking out a player equals to 100 RUB and you have knocked him out. You get 50 RUB and the remaining 50 RUB are added to the "value" of your position in the tournament. So your knockout bounty may increase by several times, because the amount increases every time you knock someone out. Progressive Knockout Bounty Tournaments are available in the main lobby and marked with a red icon K Progressive.

You can see a player’s knockout bounty in the tournament lobby by hovering the mouse over their nickname.