6th Bad Beat Jackpot

Among players there is an omen - if a jackpot is drawn, very soon will be drawn another one! As all omens, sometimes it works, sometimes not, but today at PokerDom once again was drawn Bad Beat Jackpot! After the previous one on November 11, the sum of todays' managed to grow till 2,000,000 RUB!

Bad-beat hand was played at table Drezba Jackpot (40BB / 100BB) 6Max with blinds 4/8 RUB. Four-of-a-kind sevens lost to four-of-a-kind kings!

Video of hand will be publised later. Lucky winners are:

1. kotiara - 838,618 RUB
2. wladiator - 524,136 RUB
3. sliva71 - 78,568 RUB
4. egvik - 78,568 RUB
5. slavik1602 - 78,568 RUB
6. qwarta763 - 78,568 RUB

Prize fund of new bad beat jackpot is already 425,000 RUB, hurry up to win!