5th Bad Beat Jackpot

On November 11, 2015 at PokerDom was drawn the largest Bad Beat Jackpot in the history of poker-room! Eight players at the table with blinds 4/8 RUB became lucky winners of prizes from 123,000 to 1,978,000 RUB!

Main prize of bad-beat jackpot received ligion, who lost in four-of-a-kind nines to stan2482’s straight flush. Other participants of that hand also received prizes.

ligion – 1,978,049.40 RUB
stan2482 – 1,236,280.87 RUB
batkamahno – 123,545.67 RUB
simplegame – 123,545.67 RUB
vitalikk – 123,545.67 RUB
sakhayola – 123.545,67 RUB
upstrik – 123.545,67 RUB
igrok2707 – 123.545,67 RUB

And 1,005,682.14 RUB respectively to rules of Bad Beat Jackpot were delivered to prize fund of new Bad Beat Jackpot! Video of hand with PokerDom comments can be found below:

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