2nd Bad Beat Jackpot

This time 2nd Bad Beat Jackpot was drawn at our poker room! Prize fund of jackpot was 258 232 RUB. This sum was distributed among 8 players.

leomaskva who took the first place won 103 293 RUB. He lost in straight flush from 3 to 7 to yrok418, who had straight flush. yrok418 won 65 914 RUB.

Also the sum from prize fund was received by other players who participated in hand drawing – udacha13, pacifist, varkot, ead, tahirr1 and _voland_. Each of them received 6 544 RUB.

Bad beat jackpot was drawn on November 12 at 20:09 on table Gelendzhik #551. Number of hand was 8638632 and blinds 5.00/10.00 RUB.

More information about Bad Beat Jackpot drawing you can get at following link:
Terms of bad beat jackpot